27 October, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Thus,yesterday night, the birthday celebration at Pizza Hut, BP Mall was made for Beyond Kiat is successful. Glad to see him so happy :)(I could see him not able to go back KL for  celebration at his chosen date make him so dull :P) 

Counted for this birthday celebration, this is the 2nd time for this year group birthday celebration.First time is "Lawyer" birthday celebration.Due to some constraint and restriction, not all of the coursemate+housemate here can be celebrated.  

Think about birthday celebration, my course-mate of same gender group is not so popular on it.Not like other faculty, course like FPT, they always have a birthday celebration for the monthly birthday friends. Let's say they have 5 people birthday in February, then 5 of them will be celebrated together.

To have a birthday celebration, it is a really good things. Every year will going to have birthday celebration.I wonder when our 10 people Chinese group will like FPT, celebrate for every friend in the related month.However, it is mission impossible for us.

Do you like to have birthday celebration? Every year birthday will met and going through.Again, we going to leave the university soon.Luckily, yesterday a lots of things were settled, so we can have a surprise celebration for Beyond.Do we have a next celebration for Kopi during final exam period? hehe...

Oh my god...yesterday night had forget to take the handsome photos...


  1. ehh i thought his birthday is in february or something? haha i dont like birthday celebration. dont like the attention.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. haha...he same as you, do not like the attention, just like the surprise :P


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