06 October, 2010

Handle Stress

Everyone has stress. Psychological stress, relationship stress, work stress, studies stress......

Recently, the deadline of my Final Year Project part I is delay and delay. There is only one motive, delay the deadline and give us one or two chances to complete the project. Well then, it just a report, but a lot of things are focus on our proposed system, especially chapter 4 real interface design of the system.

There is a lot of stress around these month. Assignment + project + final year project...Why my courses belongs to last minute too? Near the end of studies, gives a lot of assignment work, presentation and so on...can't just give it earlier? Zzzz

My way of handle stress:

  • Listening musics
  • Playing games
  • Chatting
  • Watch movie
  • Shopping
  • House-chore
  • ......

Stress, handle well, with make yourself evolved to next level. Otherwise, it makes yourself tumble down.Some people choose to ignore stress. The ignore selection seems like not a good choice. It is making someone stay on the same stage, or stay at same level. Actually, a little stress can make one's life balance.


  1. sleep is my way to destress... it helps. after sleep i dont remember a shit haha.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. Another one for me... go exercise, lols

  3. Jino and pikey, thanks for help to fill in the "......" on my list...hehe :)


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