24 October, 2010


Today, I was watch the movie Buried on this Sunday...Unexpected Sunday.

Why want to watch this movie? This is because I was left important impression from an uncle SGI campaign in university. He introduce my friend and I can try watch this new type movie. So, my curiosity was worked and desired want to watch this movie.

My plan today actually can be said is fail.Buried movie only available in MBO, while Pizza Hut at BP mall.The 6pm Pizza Hut plan failed.Online game restriction again from friends? Actually want to give a celebration...my time plan is not good. Anyway, my feeling today after watch the buried movie and during buried movie, is not quite constant and feeling so sensitive.(read mind again??)

This movie has what features? It is special, I will said this. Most of the people will say boring. There is only one place, inside the coffin. And, there is only one character, with the lighter, cell phone and some survive things. The director is smart, this kind of scene can hold until 1 hour 20 minutes something. When watch the movie, if watch seriously and try understand the victim feeling, it won't be good at all. I feel not so relax when watch this movie. Hopes appears and gone suddenly. There is a lot of hidden meaning there.

After watch this movie, we planed to watch ghost movie. Sure, one of my friend not watch this kind of movie. And, he was added and said to another friend: "Leh...I already ask you to watch RED movie, 3pm one..." "where got?" Another friend replied.This kind of sentences makes me feel like "you are not so standard at all, choose this low class movie to watch, boring. Watch RED better then."

In the end of movie, buried. My plan today, buried after Buried.



  1. I heard that the Buried was very boring... one man show with nothing...

  2. Hmm...boring indeed...but if try view in different angle might not so boring..

  3. no, this movie is totally awesome. you will not feel boried when you wathcing this movie

  4. My environment, not every friend said this is awesome movie. Most of them said boring. However, I feel special and feeling "pain" (hard to breath) during this movie.


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