29 October, 2010

Good Friend -> Stranger

Do you ever feel this kind of feeling of a good friend in same gender or not, then suddenly become stranger because of an outstanding incident occurs? I can said this is my first time to feel this kind of feeling.

Since young, I do make some good friends in my life. All relationship, friendship are good and always maintain good status. Recently, I feel this kind of stranger feeling, I do not know I was thinking too much or my sense is sharp.Because of an incident, our friendship suddenly change back to the starting point when we knew each other.This kind of turning point really frustrated and not feeling well, hard to accept.

Flash back to the last time moment, we are always chat with each other, do some favorite activities.If now compare to last time, really change a lot.Many question marks in my head, and I want to find out the answer someday.

I want to have a good friendship with my friends. I do not want to have stranger feeling, being ignored and so on.Being ignored by someone especially in suddenly is really kersian.Is that my social skill always not good enough? Or I started hated by someone?

The feeling is sad...



  1. I realize that there have many people facing the same problem. but why??keep on finding the answer but fail. Maybe is the communication skill not good enough.But, just let it be nature. If too care about it will make you felt stress.Ganbatte... ^^

  2. few good friends can do the job already. dont need so many pun.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  3. Crystal - If can find the answer is better...

    Jino - i really just have few "really" good friends...


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