05 October, 2010

Admire or Jealous?

Admire or jealous, which you prefer to?

It is undeniable that we are human, and we have the both behaviors.Sometimes, we admire people on something, while, we might feel jealous. I am admire why he has sisters, why I am not? I am jealous on why he is so healthy and look so handsome, and even have standard body? I am admire and jealous on why he/she so rich? I am admire him/her studies so smart? I admire him/her why can focus on the games from time to time? I admire him.......

A lot of things we can admire and jealous. It is depend on the way of thinking. Since is human, no one is able to escape from either one of the both behavior.Admire and jealous is just different perspective.Admire is a good behavior, and can create the chance to make yourself improve in your way. Well, jealous, just like admire, but it is more devil within. Jealous can make people feel hatred, feel psychological imbalance and no logic thinking.

If can, we are choosing to admire people than jealous people.If really is high level like monk, we can escape from admire and jealous.People have what is their business, I just live happily and myself in this world is enough already.

Well, sometimes, I feel jealous more than admire. Then, all I need to do is turn the jealous to admire behavior at first. After that, I need to work hard on conversion from admire to nothing really.When feel jealous, it is really no have nice feeling, feels like want have a fight. Admire sometimes can motivate me to try have the same thing as him/her. However, the natural things or born with that we cannot change at all.            


  1. yea...im easily caught in jealousy oso...
    jealousy makes ppl hot tempered everything...
    i do admire ppl...i admire lots of ppl...
    but jealous is only when our partner close wif others right...
    hmm...i needs to balance this bad attitude...

  2. yea, that is the common of jealous...other incident can be jealous too. Good luck! :)

  3. if you have the will, you can work to get what you want. so dont jealous. but to get a sister is quite hard XD

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. you are right...it can't be happen. If is, only with "pet-sister"...haha


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