03 October, 2010

GTA Feeling

Today is my second times drive back to my hostel with my car. Eventually, I was used to drive for a little long distance road.

Remember when I drive back to the hostel, on the way of the road. The sunset was shine to my face. Wow...so warm the feeling. *Nice Feeling- I was suddenly remember the Grand Theft Auto PC games sunset feeling when driving the car on the GTA city.

Maybe I think too much. I even imagine that I just look alike the character in the Grand Theft Auto. Driving car in a little long distances road.The different is, I cannot simply jump down from car and snatch a nice car, and drive away. Even use weapon to hit people or doing bad things...

Times pass so fast. I have to continue to do my final year project-1 Chapter Part I. If not, how am I going to pass this subject at the main prerequisite subject?

Sunset Feeling Within...


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