09 October, 2010


Mimic, is defined as imitate people, idol, sound, animal and etc. Do you like to mimic? I believe a lot of people love to do so!

In real life, I love to mimic people too. The people’s speaking style, funny style and interesting style attract me a lot. I will mimic them just for fun intention. I could say that my mimic skill is not so perfect, due to I have a no-energy sound. So, just like the Transformer in Pokémon, not able to transform perfect at first. Then, after Team Rocket strict training, he is able to transform to other Pokémon perfectly!

Let’s say I mix with a group of friends, there have 10 people. Then, I will absorb their speaking style, the body language and so on daily. When the bar is full, I will cast my skill. Is not that surprise when I mimic people, more talented people are around me. My skill might be silenced by them.

Mimic addiction is not a good choice. It makes me lose my way of speaking style. When learned too many, I was lose my original speaking style, inherit from other people. Like my friends give me advice, try to have your own speaking style. ------Isn’t that I always have a no-energy sound and original speaking style? Hehe

Example, last time I mimic a Taiwanese, girl- guess who is she? -----慧慈。I speak to my friend: “嗯。。。你逊毙了!” in her style. My friends laughed me and said quite look alike. lol Guess what? My housemates are seems like love to mimic other housemate speaking style (maybe in the way of perli?) The word like “sohai-de” – “diao-ni” – “diu” – “bei-bei hou yi liao” (buy, buy till finish [in hokkien])- “guek cute” – “guek noob”……My hostel life is fun, isn’t it? Haha

When I mimic people, the other will said I guai-lan. But, it really is fun! And, I know people mimic me too. Chain Reaction.    


  1. Oh My God!!!! Of all the ppl, 慧慈? In degree I have a course mate who looks like her and sound like her- at least 90% resemblance. Luckily, the way
    of speaking different, just the voice is similar. Ahahahaha

  2. Oh really? haha...do u ask her sign for you? I wish I can see her photo...keke


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