01 November, 2010

Dance Show

Yesterday afternoon, my second little brother was accompanying me to watch Crystal and Shelyn's (my course mate) dance performance at Summit Parade Shopping Centre.

JR Dance Teacher
Being surprise, I suddenly become a camera man. Haha...well, I was helping them to take their dance video. However, I not quite satisfy what I did when record the video, especially an unknown girl jump out in front of my camera view and block the left side view, otherwise the video recording will be perfect. Again my noob skill...

Shelyn and Crystal were involved in a free-style dance. They are the first group who lead by the teacher - JR. The JR dance teacher is cool, with the "JR" letter carved on his head. This dance show is for introduce their dance classes. Besides free style, like Robot-dance, popping dance, break-dance and even pole dance!

Many young boys and girls show their real me, really have release a hard to describable power,they are handsome, cute, beautiful and powerful.This is my first time to see pole dance who performed by a guy teacher with my own eyes in life. What I can said is amazing, his hand is powerful, and perform a beautiful pole dance.Oh yeah, the Gossip Girl consists of 4 girls dance very powerful, energetic! The boys group dance in girl-style dance is nice too (Bad Romance-Lady Gaga music as starting music), brave enough for them!

Robot Dance dancer
Skip to last dance show, was robot dance who performed by a dancer.He is wear a sun glass and dance like a robot, just like what I saw in the movie Step Up 3 scene. Music and dance style look alike.

Really happy and excited when watch them dance.Whole dance show was taking 40 minutes to complete. So far I like to watch dance show than learn to dance...hehe



  1. thanks for coming ya..appreciate it so much~^^ hope u will enjoy the show~

  2. welcome...i like to watch dance show too :)


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