04 October, 2010

Travel Constrain

Standard 3-6: Your hobby is? --- Travel.

This is the answer which I used to.Travel to another country is one of my ambition.Of course, a lot of constraint to block me to travel, especially outside of this country.

The first constrain is MONEY. Without money, anywhere cannot be traveled.So, when is prepared to travel, the money need to be saved first.No money, no travel. Aeroplane ticket is not that cheap...Well, if the background is rich, then no problem with this.

The second constrain is TIME. A lot of people said that we need to appreciate our time especially studying time. They said when working in social life, no more time to travel. Well, I still saw some guys still have time to travel. I believe this is not the main excuse. If really want to travel when working time, time can be arranged.

The third constrain is COMPANION. When travel with friends, partner or family, the feeling is different. The activities is not quite same too. Again, solo is considered very adventurous. The danger level is high too.    

Travel should follow the guide book or explore yourself?...Explore yourself is really fun, but dangerous and quite waste time though...


  1. air asia is offering reasonable price for flight. maybe you can think of traveling when you work. i may not have the time, but you can try look for me as travel companion haha

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  2. haha...ok ok...when I working i sure will travel. If can I will try look for you..keke


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