07 October, 2010


Recently, I can declare myself as half insomnia every night...

When in the hostel, I always go to sleep around 12a.m.++ or 1a.m. When I jump onto the bed, I can easily fall asleep. It is the good starting. Well, if the weather is hot at night, it is hard to sleep. I might close my eyes with my awakening mind, and keep persuade myself to sleep.

It works,but take a longer time to fall asleep.Record from last week, I have to lie on the bed around 15 minutes to fall asleep. Previously, or at home, I can directly sleep when I lie on the bed.

Few days ago, I saw a news from newspaper. It stated that "Human just sleep 5 hours a day will live longer." Do you believe it? Research before state that human have to sleep 6-8 hours a day. So, the time I stay awake is around 6a.m.++ It feels like the hand phone alarm can be deactivated already. These morning, I always wake up without my alarm ringing.

Counted...I just sleep average 5 hours!! It seems like I have to sleep in short duration every evening...Then, I have yawn frequently when in class...What if I stay awake? I learn from my roommate, leave the bed and start the fresh new day.

When I can wake up with my alarm ringing?      


  1. insomniac? kelian...

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. but now ok le oh, no kelian anymore. Ke ai got :P


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