16 October, 2010

Secrets - The Vortex

Yesterday, I went to bookshop shopping. Accidentally that I found out a new book which continues from Secrets series - [The Vortex - Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships].Then, I had purchased it and purchased the Gidden(九把刀)new books...Luckily buy 2 free 1, so the lady boss introduce me the X Files novel..(All Chinese edition). Wow...the lady boss is really pretty, it was caught my attention...want to see her? Go Summit...haha (So far no time to study the novel yet...delay)

How you keeping your secrets? Everyone has secrets. Once secrets has been found out by somebody, what the action will be acted? To denied it? To admit it? Or just turn around and make a lie? ------

The Vortex book is telling that how attraction rules work on interaction between people and improve people relationship. I eagerly to read it but I still have time constraint for these following week.Sometimes, we need to read some encouragement books to make life more meaningful.

Hope that after I study this book, my social interaction and relationship boost a lot :)

Times to continue my courses' project :(


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