21 October, 2010


Like or dislike, this act happens on everyone. All of us are human being.

I am very sure a lot of people experience before on "I like you." "Sorry, but I don't like you." Mostly this will met. Seldom case will met "I like you." "I like you too." "Let's in a relationship" This is just like the basic intro for a relationship.

For first case, I like you you don't like me, what you should do? Is it start to learn to dislike the one you like? or continue to like? When the opposite site said "I do not like you, please away from me." Then what you gonna do? Suddenly turn out to be stranger? Even act like don't know each other?

For second case, it is happiness case. Both are destined to be together.Well, I feels like I do not have this happiness case. I always in "I like you but you don't like me" or "you like me but i don't like you".

Years ago, I got confession on one girl I like a lot when in form 6.Well, she replied me with "We just make good friends, okay?" So, sure heart pain and disappointed.

Is that what I suppose to do if the person said "I don't like you", then I should follow his/her order and away from them?......

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