13 October, 2010

Think too much

Since I was young, I have the personality of - "Think too much".

Whenever there is accidents or incidents happen, my mind will auto expand and think a lot. For example, when my friend not talking to me in 1 or 2 days, I will doubt that he or she might dislike me, or another way round that is hate me...my negative thinking will work at this time.Then if I ask him or her, he or she might replied me: "No ah. You think too much."

Another example, my friend organized a trip for us. Then the trip have not reach yet, I will start thinking that what I am going to do at that moment? Is there any accidents will happen at that moment? When the thinking of car crash or something bad comes into my mind, I will push it off in my mind quickly, to avoid the mood spoiler for me and others. Then, I will try not to think so much, just go ahead.

I am 忌人忧天 (things haven't come already think too much) since young.Many friends had said me before, even my family. They always advice me "there is nothing to worry about, just go ahead carefully, everything will be fine" Well, I still will doubt that and try listen their advices.

If this keep going on, my white hair might appears and fasten the old period.I do not know why, every accidents I will think about the assumption, the consequences might happens, too much consideration. I am not like the one who can able to "just go ahead" when ask for do something. A lot of possible consequences and criteria I need to figure out.

In this hostel which called "shithole" by Beyond, (I believe now the condition of this shithole quality is improve a lot already than the Melewar, don't you agree? Maybe need to change to "messyhole" or whatever hole ;p) A friend who sit beside me (who is called Fart King) always say "Zidane, do not think about me." to me. It could be heard everyday.And, it reminds me that "do not think too much" in other way round lol    

Don't you think that actually I am not necessary to think too much? Just do whatever you like, happy go lucky, be yourself, real me??  

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