15 October, 2010

My Concept on Relationship

So, how do you guys/girls have relationship status before or never experienced the relationship? Well, I am never went into a relationship and want to be single so far. Knows the reason?

The reason is simple, I am skinny guy-Underweight. Nobody loves to be with underweight guys,girls also. It just like to hug, hold hands with skeleton =.= (my personal view)

That's the reason I keep try to add weight on my body.I think is success, but on the tummy part only.My BP's friend always laughed me and said :"Yeah...later u skinny skinny with the big tummy, just like pregnant!" Want 'slap' to him really 0.0 He is fat.

So my concept is let me be normal first, until i have a standard body, then I will consider to start in a relationship. My house mate said if i keep like this, destined to be single in whole life.

Actually, I am not that eager to go in a relationship.So far, single is good.I know, everyone need a partner at last. No one can live alone until whole life ends. We need support from each other.




  1. hey dude..
    weight isnt a point to ponder in a relationship ok???
    a statement adapted from somewhr:
    不管你的条件有多差 ,总会有个人在爱你 。
    不管你的条件有多好 ,也总有个人不爱你 。
    btw ur friend's word is funny!!

  2. thanks for your encouragement, beryls :) But i still insist to be fat first...haha

  3. what a weird reason to stay single lol

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. because i am not normal yet...


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)