23 October, 2010

Motivation Talk today

"Kemahiran Insaniah" is today our motivation talk, specially compulsory for third year students who is going to graduate next year if "pass". This can be called Soft Skill too.

All students "have to" attend to this motivation talk. (if positively he will said "choose to" come for this talk)From my observation since I enter this university, I had found out that a lot of students not like to attend this kind of talk, feels like wasting time. (I agree too) So, when second session is start, a lot of students are going back already or "ponteng" to somewhere else. The only way the lecturer can said is "Those students who are not attend here anymore because they think they are smart, not need to attend this kind of motivation talk."

Motivation talk, appears a lot in my life especially when studies. I do not know why, we are giving a lot of motivation talk, it is good for us. However, a lot of people/student choose to skip this kind of talk.Isn't it everyone like the good things? Plus it is free...I can sincerely said, I never skip a motivation talk since my studies life start from primary school. So what I gained here? I feels like I was stupid, I should choose to skip this talk and do my favourite things.

If not said compulsory, i bet a lot of students not going to attend. Who will interest on this? Anyway, today talk is quite beneficial at last session, and I laugh from the start to the end.It shows us the interview session with correct way...(this can be found from internet also, isn't it?)

I more like to get motivation from reading motivation books. What I get is more beneficial and more impress in my mind. Then, if I can apply in my real life, I might become a successful person in this life.I hope this kind of motivation talk do not appear again.

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