11 October, 2010


Recently, my house mate was attracted by the Pokemon games. Now the mobile Java game is available - MeBoy emulator which is operated on the Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone as Game Boy Emulator.

The memorable Pokemon games are Pokemon Yellow, Red, Gold, Crystal and etc version. The latest not available.Imagine that we use hand phone to play Pokemon games, it just like play with your virtual Gameboy!

Now he almost play that Pokemon games 24 hours (U r lying!-.-) Maybe is so memorable games for him.For me, I more love the Pokemon anime series starting, with Team Rocket, cute and the old Pokemon. New Pokemon I am still not used to it. It is cute and funny!~ I'm lovin it!  

Here is the attached link - http://search.4shared.com/q/1/meboy%20pokemon%20.jar 

Of course, there is a lot of Pokemon Gameboy version, try voyage yourself on this website. :)


  1. i still like the 151 pokemon version than the new ones.

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  2. yeah...pokemon Yellow version is the all time favourite classic memory...


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