10 October, 2010

My Horoscope & Element

My horoscope - VIRGO. Be a Virgo, that is mean the person will owns the personality of hardworking, mean, ai-mai-ai-mai, three-heart-two-mean(三心两意).Well, this sentences is not written by me, I get it from Internet. Then I explain it in my own way.VIRGO - 处女座。Most of the people will call this person as 处女,老处女。。。=.=

Last few weeks, I saw my friend post on Facebook, he said that "谁要我帮他算五行?给我生日号码就行!" (Who want to let me count his five elements? Just give me the birthday date!) So, I choose to trust him and give him my birthday date.Soon, he give me the result as below:

[original post]:
"proactive,but sometimes bad-tempered 火行…本身是好学有策划,但别心直口快。

From the above statement, I belongs to Fire element.Thus, it stated that I proactive (I think sometimes only), sometimes bad-tempered(I agree).Itself is easy to learn with the planning, but do not outspoken. Success can not be arrogant, sometimes timid. But have talent wise if you are right to not be afraid to dare.(Translated from Google)   

I quite agree what he has counted for me.Very accurate!! I still remember that when I in the secondary school, my friend said that I belongs to water element.(he said himself) Maybe I look so gentle so he gives me water element 0.0
Maybe I will keep this blog background...haha 

Do you believe this? And interested on which element you are belongs to? Then we can do the element power just like in the movie - AVATAR, fire element then cast a fire power! lol 



  1. Nowadays, there are rare to see pure elements de person. usually has sub like water-wood element. Pure fire element are as such. He cannot stay still at one place for long time, when sitting on chair or bench, usually will sit by the tip (end) of it. Look into the palm, check if the vein is red line very visible.
    Usually has strong stamina and tend to walk faster than other ppl. So far, I only encounter 2 pure fire elemental person. Mostly are fire-wood, fire-gold. Fire-water is the worst.

  2. My vein is visible. I walk faster, but no enough stamina. I hope I not belongs to fire-water element.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge here :)


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