31 January, 2011

Long Life Rain

Since Friday (the CNY holidays starting), the raining non-stop, yet today(Monday). When the rain is going to stop?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I could not see the sun. I miss the sun badly! Normally, raining for someday is nice,but keep raining is not nice. I really enjoy raining, but this time no. All member's shirt still damp, no place to wash shirt anymore.

By the way, I was try to clear my heart and mind, give up all the doubt things which happened around me and tend to more focus on my final year project.Gotta go my own way.

Sadly, I found out that I was lost in my final year project. I am doing a mobile application. Although I have source code, it seems like not really compatible with my current project development.Even the decompiler not help much, it is really hard to understand, and blur. It make me sick. Now, count for the month left...I only left two months more,I still do not have any progress. I really do not want to extend semester on next year. Who can help me? It seems like I always a failure T.T

I am still work hard on it, still finding solution to solve my project. I wish Secret rules will helps me out, get me out from the lost of track.It is not like last minute work, the coding is a lot.I already think about my future work on doing a system in a company, I just able to face the monitor screen without doing any things successfully. I want to beat this challenge actually.

Rain keep non-stop, my feeling keep down...my main target final year project...haiz.

My lovely rain, can you stop it? I hope you will listen my words.

I need the light to find my path!!!         

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