20 January, 2011

If everyone is good in this world

If everyone is good in this world, what phenomena we could see? Let's imagine about this.

1. The occupation like Security guard, Police, CID, and etc will be disappeared.
2. This world is not balance, all are goods, we don't know which is bad.
3. Everyone cares for others.
4. Selfish no more.
5. This world is always full with love, no hatred, revenge.
6. Win-win situation.
7. No more thefts, drugs, negative things appears.
8. Zero deep in scheming.
10. All positive values, moral values can be seen.
11. All people become vegetarian?
12. This world is no more pollution.
13. ......

Is it possible to let this happen? I wonder...This world is just slowly no more peace...

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