09 January, 2011

My Primary School

Hmm...it is just so memorial to think back my primary school - S.J.K.(C) Yeong Chyang Chang at Sungai Suloh, Batu Pahat,Johor. Just need 5 minutes something to reach my primary school. Now, a lot of changes to the look of my favourite school.

The end of the last year, I was visited again my primary school. In fact, I just launch my mission on bring back my smallest brother from this school. Then, I was taken a lot of new photos from there. There is a lot of changes for this school and more impressive. For those (my) primary school friends, maybe you can try take a look and enjoy the renovation.

The Entrance

The corridor lead to library...I'm Librarian XD

The old office, now maybe left unused.

Badminton Court, I love to play with my friends here.

The corridor lead to my classroom. 

The new building of classroom

My classroom still preserved... 

Canteen Hall, now renovation again. 

Basketball court, the black shirt kid is my smallest brother in natural running >.< 
Primary school life, I'm really feel comfortable, and so enjoyable. Being kid is so nice! Now, I'm already adult, mature is indeed for current time. It is belongs to my beautiful memory in my life.  

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