04 January, 2011


Actually, we as human, always addicted on something in real life. Maybe we didn't notice it. If thinking clearly, we are already addicted on some things, activities, and so on. Let's see what things that we can be addicted on...(*my personal opinion)

1. Drugs. Some people would like to experience what it feels. It is just like smoking. If you do, then you would have second times until don't realize that already addicted on it.

2. Playing computer games/video games. I addicted on it since I was form 1. Until I selected to participate in National Service for two months, slowly I can control myself on those video games, only play when the time is suitable or free.

3. Facebook. Do you addicted on Facebook? Yes, I do. You could see that I on Facebook everyday and I spam my facebook status! I do not know why I always on Facebook just for doing those lame things.I am not like my friends focus on Mafia Wars/Mouse Hunt/楼一栋/Pet Society/Restaurant City/Ghost Trapper +++ and a lot of flash games there. Anyway, now I just play those games for testing, not going to play it seriously.    

4. Massage. I haven't try the human massage yet. (OSIM - a lot of try already) I just notice this will addicted also. My foreign friend told me that he never want try human massage, it will be addicted. Suddenly I realized that massage also will be addicted. It could make you feel very comfortable, the feel, syok.Until you want to try again and again once you have money.

5. Masturbation. Some guys will be addicted on it. Once again my foreign friend told me that he was masturbate 7 times a day until he feel dizzy at his young age. Maybe the "shiok" feeling make people addicted on it.Doing a lot will be harmful, especially for guys.Doing other positive things are better.And, it goes for sex too...  

6. Shoot people. I think I was addicted on it especially after Form 6. I started to shoot people everyday, my friends also. All the motives just for laugh motive. I am very bad, right? Now is time to change, if want to jokes around, do not take other people's weakness to be a joke with other friends.

7. Movie. Every week went to cinema watch movie can be said it was an addicted activity.Now, I just try to reduce it, it so waste money. However, invest on a great movie is a valuable things for life.

8. Online. Some people cannot live without online service.Maybe hand will feel itchy, mind feel so distract. I think I also fall in this too. That day, my house cannot Online due to Streamyx station problem, I was split my personality to another person, bad tempered whole day. I cannot be like this anyway.

9. Clubbing. Some of my friends were addicted on it. They enjoyed the musics, dancing, girls, guys, beers and etc.Some of them can go once every week.I haven't step in the disco. I have opportunities to step in the club, however, I refused to go. Maybe someday I will go try the experience then I will able to see what is the feeling inside. Then, I might fall for it... 

10. Novel/Manga/Anime. Some friends of mine can watch it whole day, and finish it in short period. Just rush for them due to their interest.

11. Listening songs. One day I no listening to the songs, I will feel not comfortable and will think too much. I really enjoy the music feeling.Then, it goes to my hobby- singing...hmmp

12. Sleeping. Some people can go sleep in anytime, just because nothing can do, boring. In my young age, I am not going to sleep at the afternoon, I feels like it just so waste and rather do the favourite activity. Now just realize that sleeping at afternoon for few moments will boost the mind. 

Do you notice that what activities we are like or favorite on it,it will be addictive in personal life? Just the moral value applied on it or not.  

Addictive = hobby?

They always said we should try the things that never try or experience before. However, some things that we cannot go to try or experience it, it might be so sinful or harmful to mind, body, and so on.Example, drugs like Estacy.Once you try it, you will going to fall for it and hard to crawl back to the normal life.

The addictive activities should stop it or continue? As long as no harmful to mind or health, I think it is no problem to continue with it.  


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