03 January, 2011

Religion Books

Do you ever read the religion books like Bible, Buddha Book, Karma Rule, and etc? I believe most of the people have read it before.

I remembered that I touched the Taoism Books/Buddha books at my age around 7 years old, standard 1. That moment I can read a little Chinese. Due to the books I read was in picture mode mostly, so can understand through the picture. From my memories, the karma book is the most I can remember.

The most impress me of the karma book was the first few pages, there has a picture which draw a person eat an egg, then there is a chicken was killed by a knife.The meaning is once we eat an egg, we are killing a chicken. So, I don't know I was killing how many chickens already. So do you?

There are a lot of pictures inside the book. Another books I viewed before was about hell. Something like people who like to eat fish which half dead (served on the table) , then they are going to be spear through the body (hanged on a pillar), test the miserable pain.From my friend's knowledge, he said that Taoism more focus on the hell, what you doing in this world will be tested the pain later in hell.

At least, I do not doing many bad things/behavior in this life. Well, I might become a vegetarian in one day. (Hopes I can achieve). Oh ya, I like to shoot people, so my mouth will so ugly if have next life.

When young, these books really will fear me and frighten me. After grown up, the feel is just like stay far far away from me. (It still have little) Some people choose to ignore, some people choose to believe. That is all about religion.I never read bible so far.

If turn to you, will you believe all this? Actually I do believe, however some I can't, since I unable to avoid it in my life. Maybe going to test the miserable pain after life...

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