11 January, 2011


First of all, today is 11/1/11 = 11111. Bravo! Normally, what would you do for this special day? Well, it is just nothing to me. So, stay in hostel doing normal activity.


Are you an automatic person?

What is automatic? What I want to express here is there is not need any instruction for the person to do something. When other people is sleeping, you are automatic and slow down the sound/music, or turn it off, especially when night. Many examples can be seen in our daily life.

It would be very troublesome for face the person who do not know automatic. Another example, a group of friends are going out together, then all the friends should be prepared earlier and get ready. It is not like for the other friends waiting for each other. Then, the time will be delayed and might be late for some appointment.

On the other hand, it would be nice for face the person who will in automatic mode. Sometimes, we are hard to talk in face to face for the person who are no automatic...

Automatic is indeed? It is just like moral issues...  

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