01 January, 2011


Happy new year to all reader first! :D

I bet in this new year, most of friends start gathering with family members, they might be come back from other country, region, or other states. Most of the guys and girls will go back their hometown, and mostly from KL. Since KL is big city.

A complete family will produce a healthy mind for their son or daughter. An incomplete family might cause some problems in family issues. They are just like single parent, or no parents. A pair of lover really need to care for their action and family. They have responsible to manage well on a family.

Family reunion always be the favorite of all guys and girls. They miss a lot of their family members who they are long time no see.Family, is really a important background to let the son or daughter live healthy and happily. Some might be not like the family reunion. 

An unhappy family will cause a lot of trouble also. Like parents fight with each other always, then cause them want to divorce, then slowly effect their children. Their children thinking might be changed and negative thinking started to arouse them.

Example, a single parent, for children who has only one mother, children might think that their mother is most noble, and no any other girls can compare with their own mother. Thus, they might start to find guy as their partner in their own life who can take care of them and start to love each other.Normally, the family condition will effect the sexuality of the children. Besides, the temper and the thinking also.

As human, if we need to create own family, we need to responsible on it. Do not effect the health and thinking of next generation.Although some family members I not so like, well they still is my family's members.I just try to adapt it anyway.      


  1. ya..a complete family really the main key to let children grew up and out.
    Be a positive role model, teaching them...
    is a tough job that you must do. ^^

  2. Crystal: All is about responsible~

    Chunyu: Happy new year too :)

  3. hi there:)
    nice greetings in the year 2011^_^ (though me here is quite an end to 2011:P)
    just wanna ask if i can borrow your photo in this entry blog? coz it looks harmonious and i wanna use that in my news story published on upiu.com(a platform for journalistic students round the globe to publish their stories)
    my story is about foster children so i would like to kindly ask for your permission to use the picture:)
    Thank you so much <3


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