01 February, 2011

On Removing Whiteheads - Blackheads

Sometimes, do you feel that your face have whiteheads? The white colour "bug" can be pressed out from face surface if using right method. If no settle it, it will turn to blackhead. 

So get ready to remove whiteheads? Especially for oily face.

STEPS TO REMOVES Blackheads/Whiteheads on face!!!

1. Using Johnson baby oil
2. Using oil away facial cleanser on face
3. Using hand and Johnson baby oil wipe all the face.
4. Wait after 10 minutes
5. 'No name' finger and 'small' finger press from inside to outside massage 
6. Around 30 minutes, all comes out…
7. Using tissue to absorb the baby oil from face surface. 
8. Using oil away facial cleanser again.
9. 2-3 times a week.

Normally, nose is the place with most whiteheads.  

Just knew this CNY first day will going to have full day raining. Besides, UTHM have flood now, just do not know is serious or not. Hope everything will be fine.God bless all.  


  1. Interesting article. I used to have semi bad pimples when I was younger but I found three major factors.

    First is your face cleanness it's the most minor of the three, but dirt on the face, sweat allowed to sit. All of it constitutes it.

    Second and second most important which goes against many peaces of common advice, if you have a pimple, pop it. Get it while it's small and tiny. If it's big, lance it and allow it to recover.

    Third and most important however is your diet. Eating Sugars and unhealthy greasy foods. Twinkies, Fast Food such as burger joints especially. Those all build up copious amounts of unhealthy build up that is put out through the skin. This leads to the worst and most pimples.

    Good foods are Lean Meats, Vegetables, Tea. Tasty Breads (My terms for things like Rye and Pumpernickel).

    I wish you well and hope you have a great time.

  2. Thanks your information, Raymond.


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)