07 January, 2011

Crayon Shin Chan

 I very love Crayon Shin Chan cartoon. Should I call it anime?

Shin Chan: "Anime??  -_-""... "

At first, I quite dislike the Crayon Shin Chan. You could see the drawing is just so ugly, cincai. (Well, when I try to draw it with my own, I can't draw the accurate face of Shin Chan @@) His father, mother, friends and so on, their face are very special. Their face are long, facing one direction - toward bottom left or bottom right. Slowly, I already like this kind of design lol

I was watch the cartoon through VCD when year 1999 something. The cartoon is in chinese language based. Shin Chan's sound just so cute! Then, he always speak terbalik language. Example:

  • When he came back home, he will said :"你回来了。" (You came back. Suppose is "I came back.") 
  • Then when his mother scold him about he only make her trouble all the time, he will replied: "你这么讲我会不好意思啦。。呵呵" (You said like this I will feel shy...hehe) with the shy action.
  •  Then, when he is the one who makes the thing trouble, he still can said like he is no wrong at all. Like the dialog: --- A day, mother and Shin Chan was lost separately when in shopping centre. Shin Chan try to search his mother by saying this to the promoter there: 
          "My mom was lost, do you saw her? " 

          Then when her mom found him, he still can said this sentences to his mom:

          "Mei Ya, you are no right oh, no take care on me well when shopping. Not good." 
          All he get the reward was the Double Fist who cast by his mom and he feel pain after that. He is so cute           when he was stunned >.<

 And a lot of funny dialog which very attract me to watch.

Cartoon version on VCD, DVD or TV, was filtered the 18sx content if compared to the comic.
When I standard 6, I was borrowing the comic from my friend, and the content really is sexual explicit, especially the first volume. The content is like his parent is going to make love that night, but it was accidentally saw by Shin Chan (he is 5 years old). Then a lot of funny content on that, so they are just pretend they are in WWE mode...

Each character has its own special personality. I most like Shin Chan, then his friends, his teachers, parents, and the dog. Sure, a lot of new characters was pop out when the series is going on. The more important is, it is more focus on family issues, how they are cooperate, friends and a lot of daily life issues.

Yoshito Usui - 臼井仪人

Now the author - Yoshito Usui of Crayon Shin Chan was passed away. The comic version is funny too. However,  I have not yet watch through all his comic completely. I think it will be my new mission in this new year. Here is the website : Crayon Shin Chan Chinese Version Manga

Last, the parental advice that only people who 15 years old above suitable to enjoy the manga series. About the anime, it is public rated.

<3 <3 <3 I love you, Crayon Shin Chan <3 <3 <3  

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha......" 



  1. <# crayon shin chan too! *high five*
    do u watch any movie versions?

  2. *high five* ^^
    Yeah, I do. Hmm...i'm not so into movie version, and i think no complete to watch all movie version. I can said a lot, not all. Hehe...
    If can, i love to become crayon shin chan thinking :P

  3. shinchan is tooooooooooo cool...........nd luv u shinchan....ttyl

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