05 January, 2011

Unacceptable Love

We can see a lot of story of unacceptable love through drama or movie.Well,when someone fall in love with someone, it will be miserable when they know there is impossible and no result for their love.

I was met this case recently. My foreign friend was fall in love with a Malay girl who taller than him. For normal people view, there is no result for this love. Although the Malay girl love him also, when she think about future, parents and religion, a lot of obstacles they have to meet and solve it. Again, the girl's father is a strong religion man. Different religion is the first main obstacle to them.Even the foreign friend abandoned his family willingly just for her, the girl feel guilty anyway if he did. However, they are really love each other.....

Like the case above, what they are going to do? Give up the love? Or just love and not going to develop their love? The later is their choice finally. I just feel pity on the people who really love each other, but there is no result and many impossible to make them together forever.

Love, really is mysterious. Love can makes you happy, enjoyable, concern each other and so a lot of happiness things. At the same time, it might be invoke arguments,fights and a lot of negative things. When someone decide to break up, the other who refuse might tears out endlessly. Although I was decided not to fall in love with someone, I failed. Love is untouchable, when the feeling is come, it is really so hard to refuse it. If I move forward, what I received was the sad result...I select to backward.

In my opinion, when face this kind of unacceptable love, all we need to do is just simple - Let go. Say is easier than do it, isn't it? We need a strong determination to let go, and meet the destiny in life someday.In the way of let go, we might tears out and feel sad. After a sleep, there is nothing else then. What I wonder is who can called destiny? A person who you love and the one that love you too? Or you have to work hard until the someone you love accepted your love/ or you accept someone that love you?

In the mean time, I saw a blog at somewhere, there is an idiom's that said:

“爱,是不需要以性做代言人。” (Love, sex is not require to be spokesman.) 

Do you agree?

Another famous idioms that copy from drama:

“爱,就是你的就是我的,我的就是我的。”(Love, is your is mine, and mine is mine.) 

I believe that love - can happens at any possible ways...accept or not, is all up to yourself.             

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