13 January, 2011

Today's Special News

This morning, my early lab 8 a.m. was suddenly canceled. In addition. yesterday whole night, I feel like I not able to sleep completely. haiz...Well, then we guys eat the breakfast at 168 restaurant, then I reads the newspaper.

Wow...today morning, the news is entitled with "A guy thief fall down on the floor with the girl's bra and girl's underwear." I was surprise when saw this news.

Taken from Sin Chew Daily
After read all the details, it stated that the Malay thief was believed that when wear the girl's bra and girl's underwear, he can become invisible. Thus, he try to do the criminal things. It was believe it is belongs to 1 kind of Black Magic. However, he has failed to do so, other people saw him too.

How come this can be true? There is more black magic out there, can try other method. If turned to me, I am not believe this kind of ridiculous action.

Details (Chinese) : http://www.guangming.com.my/node/92967

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