14 January, 2011

Segamat Trip

Last Saturday, Andy, Lawyer and me visit Sam's house at Segamat. No many people were participated in this one day trip. Lawyer drove car and we went together.

First, we dropped by at Yong Peng, [西刀鱼丸茶餐室] (Fish Ball). The fish ball is special, and different flavour with other type of fish ball. I was ordered a plate of dry noodle with fish ball, Andy was ordered soup based, well Sam was ordered normal noodle.Lawyer was ordered mix fish ball with other dish, no noodle. Things turned out his breakfast cost him RM10.00. He was surprised then. (It is just cost us RM5++, wahaha)

Next,we went to [Xiao Yang Bak Kut Teh] to eat delicious Bak Kut Teh. I love this flavour of Bak Kut Teh, at least more delicious than BP. Their review on Bak Kut Teh - Andy's review: "Just like in Penang". Lawyer's review: "Ok Ok lor".

China Book Store
Next point was book store of China collection.Mostly, the books are Chinese based.A lot of toys and DVDs were sale at here too. A lot of 3D posters can be found too. Price was reasonable. However, I did not buy any things due to many constraints this year. *Ptptn have not reach my account yet*  

Around 5 p.m., we went to Segamat Center to take the photos as our memorial photos.We had taken a lot of photos here and funny too. Sha Yan o.0

Twin Tower Segamat? 
I am holding a big ball!

Andy have a ball too!

Behind is big Durian. Lawyer - Me - Sam - Andy 

Let me press you, Lawyer...wahahaha

After that, we went to [魔力点子] to takeaway drinks. Then, we brought the takeaway drinks and walking at the roadside where opposite of the Sam's house.We had viewed the scenery, houses, and a lot of people flying kites. I am just so long time did not play the kites. 
The bungalow...if is my house then perfect! 

See? Very boring isn't it?

Sam and his Lucky! I love this dog :)

Around 7.00 p.m., we went to [Asam Pedas Restaurant]. After we ordered, we just wait the foods come. Around 7.50 p.m., the restaurant was full house. As she said, this restaurant very famous. Yeah, the foods were delicious, really, just like BP's restaurant I ate before.

 Guess what is this?  
Last, we went back around 8 p.m....reach hostel around 10 p.m. This trip was a memorial trip to me. Appreciate it so much. Although Segamat's Cinema, Shopping Mall not available, a lot of cafes' can be found, Yam Cha very suitable at here.

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