22 January, 2011

Just Let Go

Do you ever let go something that you very care, love, or favourite? Sometimes we have to learn to let go, then we will feel better. (*Not Let's Go! = Jom!)

Normally, the something that we care mostly is our lover, or the person who very like. However, when condition goes wrong, or it is impossible to let two people together, all we need to do is "Let Go" (*Not LEGO toys). It is very simple, just let go!

Who said is very simple to let go!? Some people is not willing to let go the things/living things that he/she love.They rather to let themselves get hurt for their love. Well, determination is plays an important role here. Once the determination is strong, the success rate for you to let go is high.

We have to open-minded when we are forced to let go, for all the best condition.Romeo and Julie is a amazing love story, they cannot separated by the other. Well, this world is reality, we need to face it positively. A lot of thinking is needed.

Here, once we choose to let go, we have to face the next steps. Maybe we would meet the new things/target after that. There's no way to turn back. Maybe he/she is your future Mr.right/Miss right...For my situation, I let go a lot of things/love, just for reach the all best condition. Yeah, it is quite hurt when decide to let go. However, let go is better than keep yourself always in hurt.

Once get hurt and cannot bear with it anymore, we are going to let go willingly. The other way round, we are loving and protect ourselves.Isn't it?

(Is yours is yours. Not yours, not you. No matter how forced down, are unlikely to change.)

放手,放开所有。 (Let go, let go everything.) 

We have to open-minded.   

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