21 January, 2011


Recently, I was watch Doraemon's Speak foul words video in Cantonese through Facebook. When I saw the Doraemon and their friends talk with each other, they are speaking a lot of foul words!

For example, Doraemon will speak "收声啦" to Nobita. Nobita will speak "收皮啦". The other characters are speak "Sohai ah lei" Although I not understand completely what the video is talk about, I could catch the funny-scold-people-meaning.

It seems like I started love to speak "收皮啦", especially to those who like "lan xi" to me. However, this sentences is foul word in Cantonese, not really politely. Maybe I would use it for jokes...lol

However, I quite enjoyed the Doraemon Speak foul words video. I would prefer Chinese or Hokkien version. I am not clever in speaking Cantonese.Speaking Cantonese seems like so fun ^0^

Whatever it is, do not simply use those words in normal conversation...

Have a nice weekend :) 

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