19 January, 2011

How to solve Heart Break?

Are you the one who always face the heart break? Well, I am one of this group too :( Although I always act myself in confidence, due to my underweight status, it will bring me down sometimes. Aside of that, my target on the person I like never success in my life. Sure, I met some girls before who like me and express to me, but I am rejected, due to I am not yet prepare, or not so like them. (Not I am arrogant. And I was surprised too, I am ugly and still have people will like me, really outstanding)......

Crap out the rubbish I said. What is heart break? In my opinion, it could be happened on 2 situation. For first situation, that is confession to the person who like, and then get rejected. Second situation is 2 people already in relationship, then break up after a period. In addition, the 3rd situation is where you haven't speak out, the girl already rejected you which is the worst case......So, heart break happens! (Ouch...so hurt T_T)

How to solve it? From internet resources, there is some solution we can use. First, try to get a new hobby, then sooner or later the heart break thing will be disappeared. This is what I saw and search from internet. For me, I think it would be better always keep yourself busy, then heart break will be recovered. Say is easier than do. As the time goes on, I believe the like feeling or love will be washed out, then can find the new target or meet the destiny.

Next, suicide is not suggested. Really. This is the stupid way to solve the heart break. As my friend suggested, speak out to the best friend and share with him/her, heart will be feel better. I believe when meet a new target, the old target will be forget soon. But still, some people that you love might leave trail in life, who is has most feeling one for yourself.

I quite admire (or can be said jealous) on the people who can easily success for their first confession. Why so easy to them? My first love happened when in primary school. Then comes to secondary school, and university. Why every phase I have love a lot? Am I always easy heart change? (Flowery heart) Then, every phase is fail. How comes? Whatever, I have decided not to love.  

Any other ways to solve the heart break? I believe there is a lot of ways to solve it. To become a monk/nun?



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