12 January, 2011

Paranormal Activity

Last few days, my friends and I were watch the movie - [Paranormal Activity 2].This is my first time to watch video tape type movie. Before enter the hall, I was excited and think about what scene I am going to be freak out! >_<

Wow! The movie was displayed in digital disc mode, not the film type. Then, the quality is damn clear and very high quality. And, it goes for the sound effect.Thumbs up for the sound effect, damn clear again! Totally to be freak out then...

The movie was starting. I bring my fear from start to the end. Automatically, I was prepared the mode that I am going to be scared or shocked. However, things turn out reversely. When I am feel nothing, it scare me suddenly! Especially, Christie sit in the kitchen scene around 3pm something. Then, all the closest door open suddenly with strong sound effect! Another scene I feel nervous when the Christie was snatched by the invisible demon down to the ladder. Christie was struggle and want to save his son - Hunter, but failed. The ending was Katie and Hunter whereabout remain unknown...I was headache after the movie.
*[Season of the witches], Nice movie too before Paranormal Activity 2 :)

The same night of the day, I was watch the movie [Paranormal Activity] from my laptop. Excited too for series 1. The ending part I was shocked also. When Micah was thrown to my direction, I shocked.

Paranormal activity really is a nice movie. It seems like not ghost, is devil within.I flash back to my grandmother's house, my big brother always go there overnight at the last room. He said already three times the door will be opened automatically even he is lock nicely when midnight. Do you believe this?

On the midnight (around 2a.m.), when I am going to sleep, I feel like someone using finger scratch my backside gently...but is not my roommate did...i feel paranormal too...(is real, this is not a lie.)  




  1. Walao...>.<
    I tell u..sometime i feel it also..but, i never thnk it is la..coz i stay alone mah...so will scare...
    got few times, my door got ppl knock my door..but when i open, no ppl...and more few times, when i hear somebody knock my door..i will like shout"who"..but nobody response...but after that..i used to it..sometime got..sometime dun have..but all happen at nite time and midnite...
    Another one thing is damn super craZY... my mirror....imposibble fall down one....it falldown and the sound so loud until wake me up...but that time i am too tired..i juz ignore and sleep back...juz found that...the mirror is terrible...and juz near me...luckily i din hurt....
    sometime i can feel like a ppl touch me..

    but your big brother one..quite.....scary lo...
    I am bernice @ su xian

  2. wow~is really scary..
    I dun even want to watch paranormal activity again since this make me cant sleep at night~
    so, just control myself from watch that kind of movie~
    dun want to scare myself again~haha...^^

  3. Bernice: Your one too horror, if me I already paste many things that can prevent that kind of things to disturb me. You have to be careful ya~ :)

    Crystal: You should continue watch, since you will know when they appears...haha got bf ma, isn't it? Not need so scare lo~ ;P


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