06 January, 2011


As a guy, is it cry/tears is allowed? Although a lot of girlfriends say it is doesn't matter for a guy cry/tears.

Well, if a guy is easily cry, that will be totally very weak in many field. Guy, should make own stronger day by day.However, I not able to control my tears. When I feel touching, sad, my tears automatic comes out from inside. Maybe I am the one of the weaker.

Some guys more show manly, said :"I am a man, I am not going to cry, I will only bleed!" Due to this idioms, I was affected also. So, when my tears going to flow, I will silent quickly. At that moment, if friends asked me about what happened to me or try chat with me (they do not know my current status), mostly I not dare to watch them with my own eyes, I will try look at the other side and give very short answer to them.

Besides, when watch movies/dramas in cinema/tv/laptop, if the story is very sad, touching,my tears will directly flows out. I will feel shy if my friends show my tears out. Mostly, I will watch it silently and try not to be noticed by friends if my tears out. I do not know why, a little touching story that can makes my tear out. It is just so hard to cover my tears. The last few months, I watch the movie [Hachiko] in the hostel, my tears flow out endlessly. After movie, I still feel sad for that story and love that dog.


As a guy, if your tears are going to flow out, would you cover it with your own ways? Or just let it flow out? In my opinion, sometimes tears out can moisturize the eyes and feel comfortable. Isn't it? 

I am shy, I still......will cover it if my tears......


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)