10 January, 2011

Daily Life Report

Normally, when we want to go out from house, we will tell mom or dad that where we are going like make a sound report: "Mom, I am going out, about 10pm I will reach home.Bye Bye~"

Due to this behavior, I seems like always make report when I want to go out or I reached somewhere. In hostel, sometimes, I will tell my house mate that I am going out for blah blah blah...or just tell them I am going out. Sometimes, I eat alone in restaurant when lunch time, I will think about should I call my house mate, and ask for anyone who want to take away foods. I did for this follow my feels.Sometimes, I will think about they might blame me if I did not tell them. This kind of thinking is extra, right?  

It sound's conflict to me. If I no tell others, it seems like sorry to them. For example, when they are eating with their gang, they might no tell you their whereabout.My friend tell me that "We all are adults, no need to report to anyone. They have leg and hand, they will do it for themselves." Besides, I will think about some friend will said:"Why you no tell me that where you are going? So selfish." Soon, this statement fall into this kind of sentences: "Who are you? Why I need to tell you where I go? It does matter to you? and etc......"

I think I should stop this kind of thinking. Where we want to go, we have our freedom. Why I so care about other people feeling? In another way, we have right to select favorite friends and go out. Do you notice that even you are always care for other people's feeling, you are not going to get back what you did to them?

In conclusion, both way communication is important. If that friend have tell me his/her whereabouts, then I might gonna to do the same thing to him/her......

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