15 January, 2011

My First Blog @ Friendster

This is my first blog when I entered this university. At that time, most of us were playing friendster @ 2008. So, I was directly wrote it on my profile page. 

Here is the link to my first blog page. It is about all roommates's comment-

Visit this page already? Do you want to know who are the no.1 to no.8 house mates/roommates? Maybe I can declare the answer here. T&C applied lol

The most memorial is the comments who given by beloved commenter. I was realized that when the time I give comments on other friends, they will return the review to me too. Well, I was sensitive and misunderstood. One of the house mate give me many good reviews as 1st comment. At that moment, what I think was he laughed at me on write a long essay on my blog. In addition, I thought his thinking = "lol...like this call write blog? It is not a blog at all! Essay instead" So, my response on the next comment a bit negative.

Next comment was given by another house mate, he was understood on what I am talked about at the sentences...The whole comments (commenter give) at there really inspired me something in this life.

This kind of feeling is so memorial. Well, I not able to reach back...(I am not Nerubian Weaver)Just swimming in my memory if I need. I was laughing on my childish action when I read back this blog post.And, I am omit one more roommate, he was second intake student. This year, a new cute "Tiger" is living with us...hehe. He is clever on cooking, I have a rush that want to call him "daddy" or "mommy" lol (Stop, do not give any comments! by Zidane No.2

Forgive me on no give any comments on other roommates ;P (*joking)

Hmm...I like the blogspot.com structure anyway :D

(*Before enter University, PLKN life, I'm using xanga.com. http://chinren.xanga.com here is the link if you have interest to browse for a while ;D)

*Only zidaneex.blogspot.com will be updated always. See you~


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