18 January, 2011

First time @ Beauty Salon

Few days before, my father win the consolation prize in his singing competition. Aside of that, he was win the RM150 voucher of BABOR lucky draw. My father pass to me and asked me go to this Salon wash face.

The company is Beau D' Fiona - BABOR.Anyone heard before that?

Next day, I went to there with my mom. The staff at there introduce me to wash the facial treatment. The total price was RM120. I could only use the voucher of RM50. Another RM100 voucher left for my mom's future use.

The facial room is in high class, and lighting atmosphere was comfortable. I lied down on the bed, with the quilt because of cold condition. Then, the facial treatment and wash started. My face was feeling the cold/ice all over my face and chin almost through the wash face process.

Of course, my face feel pain when she squeeze out my pimples, and blackheads. However, I am already used to it this kind of pain. She praised me that I am no shout at there lol The whole process taking 2 hours. After 1 hour, I am in emergency on "extinguish fire". I can't leave there, and have to wait all the process end. This is the hard part I think.

She even give many advices that I always heard from others. Example like "You have to sleep early, less facing laptop screen, stop eat fried foods, and so on..." Another girl advices me that do not buy counter brand facial product especially when face have problem. Another example was the pimple cream sold there, might extinguish the pimples on face, well it will reappears again if the product no use anymore. It is just hide it temporary. Medicine is not suggested to be taken.
By the way, she was telling me that guys in range of 20 years old above, the hormone imbalance will be started.I think I am one the guy.

The feeling of facial wash is nice and cold. However, my pocket will have a big hole if I continued. She asked to go there again after 2 weeks. Should I go there again?

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