03 December, 2010

After Final Exam

Yesterday was my final paper - HCI. Human Computer Interaction. I was sacrifice my sleep, I just sleep 4 hours (less than) then wake up at 6am to memorize the XXX rules. F**K rules did not come out also, waste my sleeping time and my wasted sacrifice. Whatever, the paper is can be handle.
Wash teeth failed, due to the chair not available. Wait next semester come. After fetch my friends back to bus stand, I back my home too. I planned to relax and go watch my first 3D movie at BP here, [Narnia: Voyage blah blah~~]...

The Ship sugoii!

Prince Caspian was evolve 

3D movie~ if take off the glass, it was blur image

I am solo again at BP mall. Solo is better, more freedom to search.In another word, I have no friends at BP currently...kersian aku, do not know to find friend also~if I no continue to study, I believe I still solo mostly. 

What did I do when I shopping alone today? I was purchased personal things. I hope I was found the correct supplement for me to add weight, Multi-Enzyme with Superbiotics. It echance the intestine, and help absorb the food nutrient and release to my body. I hope my plan success...to be normal body weight~

The movie 3D was nice, better than 3D CG movie. The overall review for this movie is Thumbs UP!! I love this :D

Today will be free one day. Saturday will start to work as part time at Secret Recipe for December. In the mean time, I have to study and searching Mobile Java coding, and learn as soon as possible, for my psm. I hope I can handle it well. So far force myself has confidence to do it. This December, really busy :( (Don't be last minute, my dear friends~)

I step back my blog post again, thanks for support from you :D


  1. happy holiday zidane...
    after this i oso wana go watch 3D movie at bp liao...

  2. happy holiday to you too, Shelyn...

    Ganbatte for the later final exam of your majoring oh :D
    Yeah, it is brand new experience at BP~ so nice


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