19 December, 2010

Rapunzel 3D

Last week, I had watching the movie Rapunzel 3D at BP Mall with my friend.

Rapunzel 3D movie is totally beautiful, shining, and funny. The storyline is fun, colourful. There has some touching moment too, when Rapunzel and Eugene watch the flying lantern on the boat. Next, it will be Rapunzel willingly to sacrifice her freedom in order to save Eugene's life.

The Disney Story is nice, most of this type of movie will attract me to watch. Actually, I do not have interest to watch Rapunzel, plan to watch DVD. However, a lot of friends said that Rapunzel is nice movie, many good comments are spreading everywhere. So, I invest again my RM15 on this movie. It is worth :D

Surprisingly, when the movie end, we heard the song of a group boy sing "Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you..." I turned my head to watch behind my seat, they hold the White card each person (Maybe is Happy birthday letter?). The main character (birthday guy) who sit at last row, was touched then cried. At that moment, I feels like the guy so lucky, having a so good friends. If is me, I will cry too. This is my first time which saw the scene to give birthday surprise in cinema hall!

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