26 December, 2010

The Pirate King

Am I a pirate King? Identify yourself :P

When I was in form 4 (secondary school), I owned a CD-RW writer at my house. Suddenly, I have a business inspire - I started to run my private business in my class, for friends and other few classes.

Most of them said my writing is nice on their CD interface XD
That moment, I was buy a lot of CD-R, 50 pieces 1 set.I just promote new songs and ask friends who want to have their own favourite music CD. So, I give them my latest song list or the singer name. They wrote a song title list to me. It is just like "order" from customer.Normally, they can select 19 songs Chinese, English or other language songs,based on the song's length.

A Plain CD-R
How I charge for a CD? That moment, I make a CD and collect RM3 for each person. After few months, some friends of mine said it was so expensive. Then, I was reduce to RM2. Not more and less. It was really nice and easy to earn the money. Cost is RM1.50. Then I earn RM1.50 for each CD. I could get 30 pieces orders above at that moment.Then, some of them were want to order again after their first order.

My private business was stopped when form 5 after Chinese New Year.(Focus more on SPM) I was lazy to make the CD.I need times to do. However, there are still have some little orders from friends that they ask me to help burn/make the CD for him/her. I accepted and earn fews again.

The CD quality is the best!
This type of business is really prohibited.I stopped this after all. I only do for my own favorite usage currently.This new world, mp3, usb, pendrive, and a lot of I-phone, Smart-phones are the focus for most of the users to listen their favorite songs...    


  1. wow~you really earn money in anytime o~
    that's good!
    next time dinner your turn to pay ya..>_<

  2. where got...I not earn money at anytime ah -.-
    lol...see then my condition first >.<


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