22 December, 2010

Guys' Play

Should guy play jokes over the range especially on body part?

Since enter this university, I knew a lot of interesting friends. One of the friend, he like to touch and "molest" friend's ass. Me, is one of the victim too.Few weeks after when first semester of first year, my private part being touched too. (*not naked) Currently, this trend tend to be missing in my life. I even doubt he is gay or not. However, he is not. He is just like to touch here touch there.

This year, the jokes are evolving. Can you imagine that when you sit on a chair, and play your laptop's game. Then, suddenly, he can come over my seat and sit on my chair at the back (on same chair), and acts he was f*ck me at behind.He claimed that

"We just play around only".
"Maybe you play too over."
"But I like."
"You gay?"

Sometimes, he will keep play on the other guys too.Some guys refuse, some suit with him, with the feeling on the face, some he did not dare to do it.Anyway, I only revenged by touched back his private part and ass. He gave me the response "Wow, so nice!" -.-''Sometimes, I will think about his action might disrespect gay.

The most hate part is they always play my nipple. My nipple is bigger than other guys. (I think is not the disease) If I topless, he will touched my nipples or pressed it. Although it is the joke to him. 

Is that normal to play jokes like this? So "interesting" isn't it?...


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