13 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #4


Cashier, all a lot of works related with money. Find changes, discount, punch order, print bill and so on.

See the computer screen? (Cashier) 

Since young, when I stepped in the shop, I saw a guy/girl who stand at cashier place, tick-tock on the machine, and then the drawer pop-out. They find the change to customer. The moment of drawer pop-out - I am just so like it! lol Besides, I have to learn how to settle credit card payment too. 

The dream comes true. Sooner or later, I was boring with this. Well, it is most easy job here. The menu interfaces are touch screen. I love touch screen too >.< That is the second reason that I change my phone too. 

When money is shortage, I have to pay the money T_T Responsible things? Paper works are here for this section.  


The place which take order, serve customer, give menu, giving information, and so on. Serve foods and drinks…blah blah blah…

If you want diet, try working in floor, the person have to run here run there. A fat guy will become a skinny guy. Same goes to girl too. That is just another exercise mode. I quite nervous when I face the foreign customers like American. I scared that I do not understand what they are talking about, and another way round. So far, they will speak slowly to us. 

Floor Section (luckily the place is small)
Yeah, it was the place to improve the communication skills with different types of customer.Well then, customers are always right. If he or she may have many complains or unsatisfactory, I have to listen it and smile at her/him, said "sorry.". I just cannot have the mind that "Just eat la, so many comments..." which is not right. 

Many customers think that we as staff can freely enjoy the cakes, foods and beverages here. This is so wrong. We just like customer, have to pay too. Not same like KFC, every staff can have a piece of fried chicken everyday.

To serve customers are not that easy though. Some customers are really mean. Do you know that here have to take 10% service charge? So as the staff, we are going to be called and run here and there many times just for same customer of their different request. Luckily, this kind of customers are few. Mostly they are polite if we are polite to him/her too.

I am Just so adorable!

SMILE is compulsory...staff is really not enough,when full house, more complains are gonna be heard...when everyone will be going to tolerate?? 


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