10 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #1


First of all, I do not know “Secret Recipe” is what about when I heard from my friends when after SPM (The form 5 examinations). Whatever, I just joined them to ask for job with them. We all went there and wrote down the name, wait for their calling. After 1 week, a girl called me and asked me for an interview section……Finally, I was chosen among 4 of my friends. The Manager’s name is Ann who I always address her as Miss Ann. I quickly agreed and got my second job after SPM. (*Secret Recipe @ Batu Pahat, Johor) 

The Environment
The Kitchen
The Ant (*Ann) First time expression 
#Before that, I work at vegetarian Keropok factory where near my house before form 4. That moment a lot of keropok can eat freely but the salary is low, 1 hour only paid RM2.

The first day when I entered there, my friend – Poh Kian asked me to sweep floor. After few hours, Ann was arrived and asked me stepped in the barista. Barista is the place for make drinks. Shyam, Nepali was cared for barista. So, he was my teacher and partner. He is cute. He was also the one who I first speak English to him in daily life. All conversation was using English to communicate. That was the chance to learn to speak English in real life. I love to work with him when work in barista. I learned to make a lot of drinks, coffee, mix, yogurt drinks. That was the reason I know how to blend different kind of drinks when at home. The benefit was I could try the taste of drink after I blended it and permission from Ann. It was so nice :)
Cake Counter
Sooner or later, I was get the chance to work at floor, cake counter, cashier except Kitchen.
The environment was nice, high class feel, good lighting, and air-con.


  1. I like their cheese cakes there

  2. Stay tune for my cakes introduction at following post :) I love the cheese cake too, too quality, satisfy.


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