05 December, 2010


In my real life, I used to monologue. "Huh...I so lucky today!" "Oh my god! Damn it!" "I need to focus!" ++++++ Some sentences like this I will say to myself.

I do not think is sinful

Monologue - A person who talk to himself. Some friends of mine are used to monologue too. They are like to talk to themselves. When playing video games, the sentences like "Yeah, just 10000 pounds I can purchase this item, one more step closer." Sometimes I will reply them. Then they will say nothing.Sometimes, it is quite hard to respond the friend who is talking to himself.Same case happened on me too.

When I in monologue mood, my friends will respond to me too. They will ask me to repeat the sentences what I said if they listen. Sure, I will reply "Nothing, Nothing". Sometimes they even force me to say it, I strongly resist due to shyness.

In my opinion, monologue actually is healthy. When I feel sad, I will learn from drama, that is I talk to myself "Zidane, please wake up. You still have a lot of things to do." "Zidane, please do not think too much." I think a lot of monologue in my life besides this. After this, I will feel more spiritual and can step to next steps. Let's dance lol

In conclusion, monologue is useful in daily life. However, monologue all the time people might said you are crazy, and need to go to mental hospital. Do you monologue?


  1. Ya, i am one of ur member too~
    i used to monologue too, sometime will come out some weird sound too~this is one of the way to reduce our stress i think~


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