18 December, 2010

My Feeling - Think Too Much?

Since young, I quite sensitive on my feeling. I always believe my feeling was correct. If something changes a little if compare to last time, it will makes me think a lot and have a rush that want to find out the reason why those scene will happen.

Slowly, now I am already 22 years old.(Some people still say me I am 18 years old lol) I still believe what I sense and the observation I did.

Example, I have a friend who has good relationship and we are always chat with each other. Due to some cases, we are argue, ignore each other.After that, we were pay sorry for each other, then our bond seems like recover.However, the bond is not good as before. It was slowly started to show good friend -> normal friend.Although he did not say anything, I can sense that we are something wrong, from the observation I did.Even he said me I am think too much. I do not know my sense is correct or not, cause it is so strong in my feeling.

I started to wonder if my every senses are think too much actually. If it is, should I delete/ignore all my senses (sometimes it will be sixth sense, seriously) in order to reduce my annoyance? I just totally cannot bear with it and used to it for the changes that I have observed. I even try to persuade to myself that I just think too much, the senses that I felt is just so wrong and inaccurate.

Maybe the observation I did is not important anymore. I still sensitive on what have changes in my daily life, especially the social life.The SECRET books said that what you think of it will attract to you. Maybe I should need to think about "There are just normal as always, everything was fine." blah blah blah positive thinking.

In conclusion, I think I need to learn to adapt my social life changes. If compare to last time, my social life changes is do not matter to me. I want to keep going on with my own life's target as long as I am healthy as always.       

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