06 December, 2010

3D Movie

Now, 3D movie is slowly attack the market. Here I just discuss my feeling on 3D movies. 3D Movies standard price RM15++. Glass normally cost RM5.

3D Glasses
First, I would like to watch 3D movie.Maybe is my favourite, special screen shot. If you take off the glass, the movie screen is blur. Due to the blur screen, so wear the special glass can watch the 3D effect.This is the unique. It is just like the 3D picture which can found at toys.

I have short-sighted. So, I need to wear glass. If not, my eyes are very small, one line -- (like this). I can watch the screen, but is not that clear. My degree was around 150 something for both eyes. If my seat at behind, I cannot watch very clear if take off the glass.

Some part of the screen is blur 
Last week Narnia: Voyage I watch at BP Mall, I try to take off my glass and wear the 3D glass. It feels like the 3D effect was greatly reduce. No choice, I have to wear double glass, put the 3D glass cover my glass. Do you know that wear double glass is quite heavy? Keep sliding off from my face...If I have Jackie Chan's Nose, I bet it can be support my two glasses.

When watch 3D movie, I need to use my hand (left or right) to "stand" (support) my both glasses to avoid it keep sliding off from my face. I love to watch 3D movies. However, I need to sacrifice since no way.

What's coming up next?


  1. I do have same experience like you since i also need to wear double glass when watch the 3D movie..
    is quite heavy~really need to sacrifice something when u want something~^^


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