04 December, 2010

When Mom is Not Around

When Mom is not around at home, Me, suddenly have to become a housewife for the house -.-'' Recently, my mom's relative was passed away, so she went to Singapore and attend the white ceremony. A lot of responsible I have to help for my house, household...

First, the washing of whole family members' clothes. Washing machine helps a lot for this.Here it comes to a clothes package, after wash, dry the clothes. When evening, collect the clothes and fold the shirts.Somehow, I was forced my youngest brother-Ah Kang to fold the shirts.Training is essential to them. The first big brother-Ah Herk really lazy, when I ask him fold the shirts or whatever, he direct ignore me. Damn him. Giving a little help also not willingly.

Next, it was the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Takeaway is much easier, save a lot of time. However, I will cook the rice for dinner. Thus, breakfast and lunch better take away. When night time, prepare dish by own.I have to sacrifice my time for my own business, and spend the time to cook.When I step in the kitchen, I almost spend 1 hours for whole package. Cook, wash, clean up, throw rubbish...

When night time, I have to collect the dish back to the refrigerator, some is throwing off. Although was tired, I have to do it too. After that, throw all the clothes into the washing machine and let it help me do the washing task. I did not sweep and a lot of etc. I was lazier than before. I only did very essential household.  

I can experience to be a housewife, it is easy but a lot of household. Suddenly feel my mother was very noble, do the household since I was young. I need to help her for reduce her work. (I seem like want to express that I was very noble lol)

Later have to work~feels like have to contact with social life lo...


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