11 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #2


The first station I entered was Barista. Here have many powders, coffee bean, Nestle Ice-cream, blender, coffee machine, milk and a lot of tools and materials.

Barista Look 
I learned the most basic drinks - Ice Lemon Tea. A normal drinks without guide can do it too.Normally the novice guy not going to learn make coffee and blender drinks. Learned to make teas, ice-cream, and so on. After two days, I got to learn make coffee, blender...start to learn step by step, memorize the sequences.

At first, it was hard. Confuse is sure happened at first especially blender drinks.I was slowly can scoop ice-cream well in perfect sphere shape.I have to say the ice-cream in Secret Recipe is special although is under Nestle. A lot of drinks were changed since I work when 2006.

For 2010, this year, I would like to recommend the drinks to my friend when having meal in Secret Recipe-

1. Oreo Milkshake - This is really fantasy as my first blended drink that i drink in my life. I never tried this kind of flavour before.It left me strong impression and taste never forget. Too yummy...    

Taken from google.com

2. Vanilla Milkshake - Nice drink too, sweet sweet. I love VANILLA!

3. Fruit Punch - A mix fruit with orange, banana, watermelon with ice. So tasty!

4. Ice Blended Mocha Espresso - Coffee blended with mocha. Amazing ice coffee taste!

5. Ice White Chocolate Coffee - Feel the power of double shot espresso with condensed milk, with the white chocolate topping. You will like it!

6. Flat White (HOT) - This is white hot coffee, if you like the coffee, can try this.

7. Cappucino (HOT) - The half coffee with the other half of foam topping. The foam is cute!

of course here do not have design
8. Green Apple Kasturi/Celery - Really a healthy drink and nice taste! Fruit juice~

9. Banana Split - The 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream in banana boat, with banana slide put aside, and a cherry. Suitable for couple having it!

This is with strawberry flavour
10. Frosty Lemon Tea - The upgraded ice lemon tea.Blended with ice. 

Personally, I love the ice lemon tea too. That is very economic. (Plain water is the most economic in Secret Recipe) If I want to enjoy myself, I will select one from the top 10 (mine) above.


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