16 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #6


Here I knew a lot of guy/girl. I list them out as below.

1. Ann - The first Manager. After 3 years, she decided to resign. She is treat me good, sometimes will help me takeaway foods too (I do not ask her). When she need back to her hometown, my job is sending her to bus stand BP. She is 32 years old this year. Now she married and has a cute son. She looked alike my friend – Ah Sam (Shashimi) , malay girl look.
When Ann's Birthday (Cake is @ Laluna) 

2. Suryati – A malay girl staff. Now, she is Assistant Supervisor. She is the one who like to said me ask rubbish question. Example like she asked me to take the cake and write the messages. I will ask her “Now?” She replied “No, next year.” lol  Now, this habit I try to reduce it. Well then, her working speed is fast, just like SpeedKiller.   

She has Indian style - Suryati

3. Hidayah – She is cousin of Suryati. She is beautiful. I like her (not love). She was resigned last few years and now she married too. Unfortunately I cannot attend her wedding due to my car was broken when in my final exam period. She is like teasing me with “Chin Ren, you are handsome actually, but you are so kurus (skinny) like papan ping pong! (Ping Pong board)! hahaha” (with the gesture of play ping pong)  >_<    
"Fa Hiao" Sailormoon lol - Hidayah

4. Azwan – The current police now at Sarawak. He was working 2 years before at here. He is good looking. Big eyes again which I very hate (jealous). He is taller than me. I still remember he invite me to visit his house (Taman Police). His sister is policewoman. He plays guitar too, however that moment I had no desire to learn guitar yet.

Eyes so big! - Azwan
5. Aishah – A big eyes malay girl, comes from Melacca. She was working quite long time at here. Her volume of sound is high and nice. She is same age as Ann. Now live with new husband at Johor here. She teaches me a lot of things. She is short, most of us called her “pendek” (short), she will called me “panjang” (long). (*no bias to short people, do you know “五短一长” (hands, legs…are short but only one part is long…what that is? *DEVIL*) rules? hehe) 

6. Fakhzan – A supervisor last time. His face is totally look alike the National Lampoon movie’s actor – Kamal (a skinnier version)! He asked me to visit his new cyber cafe. Well, I just said I will visit when I free. So far, I did not do any action yet. There are nothing so much to describe him.

Make me think about Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle...

7. Didi~Nurul – This is malay couples, so sweet! Didi like to play basketball, he is bigger me 2 years. He and I are same secondary school. We were school’s scout when secondary school. He seems like interest on my name -.-

Nurul – A beautiful malay girl again, polite. I just remember that she asked me to go ATM and help her to withdraw her money. She gave me her card and password. She added “I trust you. So, help me do this favor, thank you very much!” I really behave nicely and helped her. Thanks for her to trust me even just know few weeks.    
How lovely they are~

8. Hameem   He is skinnier than me. He is like to ask me help him burn music CD. Recently, keep ask me help him upload his photos to facebook. That’s just simple request so I was helped him anyway. Now, he is kitchen man.

Always angry face - Hameen

9. Shu Xian. He was like to praise himself like “Why I so handsome?” “I cannot continue like this…” He is quite black skin…his social network is better than me…he is my junior, I feel ashamed…Now still in studies in XXX college.  

The most handsome guy at here - Shu Xian

10. Ying Ling. She is a girl who has a boyfriend now. Her studies are in Singapore there. She is same age as Shu Xian. I remember she has been scolded by Lady boss “Why you so slow? Action a bit faster, please.” When she wearing the cap, she seems like 王心凌。。。

Maybe KFC moment she is very unsatisfactory...Ying Ling

11. Poh Kian & Ting Ying. The same secondary school classmate. Friends working at same place are good.  

12. Wan Yi, Adele, Zi Wei, Kok Seng.
- These three girls and a guy are working part time last time. They all are beautiful and good looking. However, I do not have their photos. Wan Yi looked alike Sook Voon (My secondary schoolmate) Zi Wei is really beautiful!  All comes from Chinese Highschool.

13. Shing fang, Shin Pey
- Both sisters. Her eyes same small as me…1 line…lol

One line -_-

14. Yung Ki – The second manager at Secret Recipe. He is fat at first then slimmed down already since working here. He is easier angry, and will scold staffs if the staffs did wrong. However, I still have not scolded by him yet. He is good person anyway. The temper is quite average.  

Ignore the pink shirt guy

15. Wei Kwong – The current manager at Secret Recipe. Another good guy, same as my big brother’s age. I just got the key chain from him since he came back from Taiwan trip to meet his wife. He is gentle.  

His cute key chain :D 

There are still a lot of friends working here. Some works 1 or 2 days already resign. Of course, some friends I did not mention due to short period and I'm lazy to describe all...... 

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