20 December, 2010


We, as human, have angry, feeling, hatred and so on. When somebody steps on your tail, you will be very angry, right? The story goes on...would you forgive him/her after your angriness was gone?

For me, if people steps on my tail, I will be very angry on him/her. I can directly turn myself to silent mode and island mode. If he or she talk with me again, I am not going to bother him/her. No matter they said me i very diao, lan xi, ignore them. Well, I am not going to ignore people if that person not stepped on my tail.

I will forgive that person depends the degree of case.If very serious, I can said directly broke the bond of friends. So far was not. My angriness mostly last 2 or 3 days. After that, I will forgive him/her and give advice.

I do not understand why I need so miserable to angry that person just he/she stepped on my tail. Angry is harmful, it makes you feel so miserable, not comfortable.Hatred might turned to be after all.I makes some people angry too. I am feel guilty after that, even hate myself why I did that. If that person will forgive me, I will be very appreciate and not to do it again.

If a person can easily give forgiveness, that person really have a broaden heart.I wish I could have more broaden heart than now.
Would you forgive someone who stepped on your tail/even hurts you so much? 

Forgiveness, is just so noble


  1. I will forgive. i wil tel tat person if tat person willing to listen.
    I do wil angry first,but i wil forgive at the end. But, when u don't want talk n angry wif a person for long times, relationship breaks. Even sometimes others ppl hurt me and make me angry i oredy not bother so much...心麻痹了。

  2. sometimes it just so hurt...whatever, times can let the angriness gone. Forgiveness is the way we can do~

  3. i did big mistake to the one i love - he cant forgive me - since 6 weeks i try but he sweared he will never talk to me agian - and i see my error and i regret so much. i cated so faster coz i was angry ... and now i would do all to make him forgive me but i dont know how - im near dying on this - i pray god let him forgive me and be with me one day coz he is the love of my life !

    1. The first step to make things right with you is by forgiving yourself, and finding the root of the cause that made you do what you did. Always remember that forgiveness is the key that takes us to hope... hope for yesterday doesn't exist, hope for today, tomorrow is a gift from heaven. Write a letter to him and express yourself. When you are ready to send it to him.. then send it...

  4. to shadowrunner, i believe he will forgive u one day, just the matter of time. You need to believe yourself! Move on with your life anyway :)


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